You can use lies and propaganda to win elections, but you can’t use lies and propaganda to govern people. 11 months into office, UPND regime still does not have a plan.

One of the main reasons why Zambians voted for UPND on 12th August 2021 is because of high cost of living which prevailed at that time and which the UPND promised to reduce. However, the cost of living is now higher than it was on 12th August 2021.

Recently, Finance Minister, Situmbeko Musokotwane, said that there is nothing UPND Government can do to bring down the prices of fuel:


1) What happened to the middlemen you said you will remove from the fuel procurement and supply chain?

2) What happened to the corruption and theft of K3 or k5 per litre of fuel you repeatedly accused the former regime? Does it mean UPND is also stealing k10 per litre since you have increased the price of petrol from k17 to 26.75?

3) What happened to the famous formula and calculations that HH was braggingly posting on his Facebook Page? Did HH lose the spreadsheet or calculator or it was a PUNKA story?

It is unacceptable for UPND to continue subjecting Zambians to high cost of living when they promised the opposite. Hon. Steven Katuka is right when he says UPND need to pull up their socks because things on the ground are not okay.

UPND Government has no plan, thus things will only get worse, the price of fuel, the cost of doing business and the cost of living will worsen, we just have to prepare for more suffering.

Those who are saying that the hike in cost of living is global, let us also talk about salary comparisons. See screen shot below:



    • Plenty has already been done. We understand it doesn’t help your narrative. Always commenting with selective misinformation, but can never actually state the facts. You are a PF liar, we understand.
      The facts are there and well meaning Zambians will continue to hold the government accountable, and also work with them to ensure the progress made will continue.
      You will continue to cherry pick your lies.

      • Nobody is interested in the “plenty” that has already been done while the cost of living is through the roof. Fact is, HH told plenty lies like the unrealistic spreadsheet in this article regarding salaries. Everyone is worse off under UPND in terms of cost of living and that’s the main reason most people voted for HH.

  1. What we see is lack of understanding of facts. HH has said it will get worse before it gets better. You know how the country depends on the global economy. Do you know that fuel is more than $2 in many countries? The government has invested through the budget and there are good results we are seeing already. In you criticism balanced and tell them you have done well here but work on this also. As a landlord now am enjoying pay 4% of WHT which was at 10 in PF. We also imported tractors and animals for the farm since they are zero tax now. Instead on wining and complaining, analyze and see what you can do legally

    • You’re talking of importing tractors and animals for your farm? How many people in Zambia can even afford a tractor? And you’re even a landlord? Silavwe is mainly talking on behalf of those that are struggling to afford 3 meals and that’s the majority. Iwe you’re ok even if fuel was K35.

  2. You can’t just wake up and just because you slept with hunger the previous night you start blaming the government. Try to understand economic issues and advise government. You are trying to compare S. Africa to Zambia why can’t you compare Zambia to say Malawi or DRC. The Zambian economy was already destroyed under PF, the current Government is trying to restart the economy because there was no economy to talk about(PF generated huge debt). You just have to find something to do to earn income. You were used to handouts from PF now handouts are no more. UPND and the rest of us see light
    at the end of the tunnel because we even managed to survive the brutal PF regime. We are happy we have our
    freedom and we need to just work hard.

  3. Please you should know that 11 months of motivational speeches and blame game are far much better than 10 years of rampant corruption, stealing, cadrerism and lawlessness. You can add on the reckless borrowing which accumulated to un sustainable debt and that is the reason why we are still suffering because more than 70% of our money goes to debt servicing. How much money have you heard of being stolen in the lat 11 months? and yet stealing money was the order of the day in the past. You deliberately avoid to talk about real issues because of your biasness and hypocrisy, go to Ntumpa University site, King Lewanika University site, FTJ University site, Mongu stadium, Livingstone stadium and many other sites. There is nothing there despite money being released because it was all stolen and to you it’s normal. Some dams were constructed on paper but when people went to inspect, they found they had disappeared. If we talk of Eurobond, it was disaster, we even defaulted but today you want HH and UPND government to do wonders in less than a year, is he a god? Can we please give them time, things have to get worse before they get better. But we can’t just keep quiet, we have to blame those who borrowed carelessly because they are the ones who have put us in this situation. We know that the economy is biting but the government is not just seated, it’s doing something. CDF, Social Cash Transfer, FISP have all been increased, Free education, free medical services, student bussuries, retirees are paid. All these measures are in place to try and help people to cushion the economic shocks that they are experiencing. Let it be clear that HH is not blaming anyone but it is some people like you who are blaming him for other people’s mistakes who governed this country before him.

  4. Every General has to motivate his troops before they go into battle. That motivation speech must be given, even if bombs are already falling on the troops. An army well motivated and prepared is better than one that is led by a visionless leader and headless party. Ever since Michael Chilufya Sata got sick, that is in 2013, the PF became a headless party and when Lungu took over, he added being visionless (by his own admission). The country was on autopilot and everyone did what was right in their own eyes.
    – Thousands of companies are registered without known beneficial owners.
    – Council cashiers in Chipata had two receipt books.
    – Contracts were given out to cadres like confetti for work that was never done and goods and services that were either not delivered or defective goods delivered.
    – The inefficiencies of government departments like RTSA created cadre middlemen who would bear to stand in queues for longer on one’s behalf for a fee.
    – National Registration card and passport services were deliberartely tortuous so that one has to oil some hands to get it done in time.
    – The Zambia Police used Roadblocks as ATMs.
    – ZESCO collected connection fees but never connected properties even up to 10 years.
    – People could build properties anywhere and anyhow without Town Planning permission or if given, without building inspections.

    Civil servants got so used to doing what they want that now with restored normality, they feel like being ‘micro-managed.’ For a change, we have LEADERSHIP AND VISION. A leader MUST sell his vision- even if you call it motivation speech!


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