4-year-old girl becomes youngest person to get to base camp on Mount Everest

Zara is only four, but has accomplished what most won’t ever do in their lifetimes

A little girl who is four years old went to the base camp of Mount Everest. She is the youngest person to ever do this.

Zara, her dad, and her little brother all traveled 170 miles to reach a very high base camp.

Zara’s dad, David Šifra, made sure to check his kids’ oxygen levels as they climbed up slowly.

Zara was walking in the mountains with her big brother and there were beautiful views of the Himalayas in the photos.

David said that the march went well and everyone adapted to the climate better than usual. Little Zara, who is very fit, even managed to outpace lots of other trekkers.

‘How can a 4-year-old girl handle something like this, both physically and mentally. ‘

Mr Šifra said that Zara’s unique childhood in Malaysia has prepared her to do well on the difficult hike, and that’s how she was able to set a new world record.

Prisha Lokesh Nikajoo was the youngest person to reach Mount Everest base camp at just 5 years old in 2023.

People start feeling sick between six and 24 hours after they go to a place that is higher than 9,800 feet above sea level.

Mount Everest is really high, it’s 29,030 feet tall.

In 2019, 11 climbers died within ten days because too many people were trying to climb at the same time and it caused a traffic jam and overcrowding in the most dangerous part of the climb.

During the climb to Mount Everest, hikers may have to walk past the frozen bodies of climbers who have died.

Even though it’s dangerous, even little kids still want to climb the famous mountain.


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