It’s been a very long week in pop culture – and it’s only Tuesday.

Actor Halle Berry made a public apology after receiving backlash for saying she was interested in playing a trans man. People weren’t happy with Berry’s remarks, particularly when trans people are so under-represented in film and television. In her apology, Berry said she wants to become an “ally” both on and off-camera.

Now 50 Cent has given his opinion on the whole furore, for reasons which are entirely unclear.
He seemed perplexed by the whole thing, and bizarrely asked whether it’s “gay” to find Halle Berry attractive after she expressed interest in playing a trans man.

*Face palms*

Of course Berry playing a man wouldn’t make her a man, which you’d think would be obvious to everyone. Plus, finding a man attractive (either trans or cisgender) doesn’t necessarily make someone gay, because bisexual, pansexual and queer people exist.

Anyway, none of this stopped 50 Cent from basically asking his followers: Fellas is it gay for men to think women are attractive?

On Instagram, the rapper wrote:

You wanted to do what? Why?

Oh my God.

So if I still think you’re beautiful. I’m gay a** a MF.


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