By Oswald Sichone in Kafue.

A HEALTH Worker has disclosed that 776 Cases of teen pregnancies were recorded in three months in Kafue District.

The Health Worker disclosed this during an Adaptive Leadership Forum held at Kutwingi Lodge in Kafue.

The Health worker who declined to be named said reports from different Health facilities within the district indicate that 776 teen pregnancies were recorded in the months of July, August and September.

The Health Worker said there is urgent need to address the situation before it goes from bad to worse.


  1. Are there no sexual & fertility clinics in Zambia? It’s the same old problem every year! Why do parents delude themselves that these girls are not sexually active? Once a girl reaches puberty, chances are, she is likely to have a sexual relationship. And without protection, unplanned pregnancies will follow. These girls should be in school, not bringing up other children. I think it’s a faillure by successive governments, that there is no countrywide pregnancy prevention for girls under 21.

  2. These are underlying issues which arise due to factors other than poverty. It is a deep reflection to issue of cultural misinformation on early marriages, or lapses in the religious teachings on abstainance to issue of sex until after marriage.

    One aspect to take note of is that in the past parents effectively taught their children to stay away from sex until they were ready for marriage and could manage to raise a family. Morals were kept very well.

    In our case technology , global interactions and advancement have made us more ignorant and irrelevant to issues of morality.

    We embraced Western culture without filtering the from the bad issues. We are now teaching our children to practise safe sex using condoms.

    After experiencing the unexplained irresistible pleasures of sex, these kids eventually figure it out that the condom is a hinderous and simply ignore it to enjoy maximum pleasure. What’s the result we have over sexed kids with a licence to have it any time and day. Unwanted pregnancies and unnecessary abortions. Some institutions thrive on this sort of thing.

    I wonder how the advocates for these products would feel if one of their own children came proudly and informed them that they are practicing safe sex and that they are thankful for the help. I guess that child would get a whipping because the responsible parents want their kids to be in school and concentrate for a bright future and not having sex at will.

    Which parent would feel happy and encouraged their own kids to having early sex. No one.

    So yes, these are results of years of bad decisions of allowing some issues without thinking. Unfortunately, now we have to live with it.

    • There could be valid reasons for using condoms for adults. But for youth under 18 years it’s a catastrophe to make them taste this piece of candy.


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