9 killed in clashes after Senegal’s Sonko jailed 2 years

Riot police clashed with protesters after the opposition leader was given a two-year jail sentence Credit: Getty Images

Violent clashes between riot police and protesters in Senegal have resulted in the death of at least nine individuals.

The unrest erupted after opposition leader Ousmane Sonko was sentenced to two years in prison.

Interior Minister Antoine Diome confirmed the casualties during a late-night press conference following a day of widespread violence across the country. In response to the situation, the government has blocked access to social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

The city of Ziguinchor, where Sonko serves as the mayor, experienced some of the most intense clashes.

Sonko’s two-year jail sentence, delivered in his absence, could potentially bar him from participating in next year’s presidential election.

While he was cleared of rape charges, he was found guilty of immoral behavior toward an individual below the age of 21. These allegations originated from a massage therapist, which Sonko vehemently denied.

The Senegalese government has pledged to take necessary measures to safeguard both people and property in the aftermath of the deadly unrest.


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