An SA gogo revealed the secret of how she remained a virgin. Malisebo Lebuso believes sex is a demon and she fights it with the Bible!

The 68-year-old from Victory Farm near Clocolan in the Free State told Daily Sun she won the battle against sex and is still a virgin.

“I have had hundreds of men asking me out in my life and I turned them all down. I lived with my sister, who died 2 years ago, and we both abstained from sex. I do have feelings but when they come, I take out my Bible, kneel and pray for the temptation to go away,” she says.


  1. She has 2b a member of a religious cult which has brainwashed her into thinking that sex is a furtive act. How can it be whn she owes her own existence to the fact that two people had sex in order to hv her?

  2. Ignorance is very costly. When the light will shine in the darkness of her lack of knowledge she will cry with regret when she realizes that it was God’s plan for her to enjoy sex immensely to her satisfaction with a good loving man.

    • Sex from a Biblical stand point is very refreshing , relaxing and absolutely satisfying. If this is successfully achieved at a family level, we can have a significant and corresponding upliftment in our Economy.

      Just think of it fully sexually satisfied people working happily and contributing all the hearts desire and offering a good hard days work.

      If most of our Poliltical leaders can experience this blessedness maybe then they can represent us much better in parliament.

  3. Is being a virgin at 68 a commendable attribute? Too extreme in my view, unless of course you are a ‘vestal virgin’…but we are not in the Roman Empire, are we?


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