Saboi Imboela
Saboi Imboela

National Democratic Congress President Saboi Imboela has disclosed that while married to Actor and Producer Owas Mwape, there was a Ghost figure that was busy having sex with her at night.

Speaking on the reality show dubbed Real Talk on Zizwa+ hosted by Pastor Jimmy, Ms. Imboela disclosed that she knew that something was having sex with her at night which was not her husband.

Ms. Imboela says despite not believing in witchcraft, there were so many occasions when some Ghost figure invaded her bedroom to have sexual encounters with her.

She says during her first days with the ghost figure, her husband (then) Owas Mwape told her that he was afraid to wake her up when he noticed that she was busy having sex with an invisible figure.

Ms. Imboela says Owas Mwape told her that he got scared of being beaten by the Ghost if he had woken her up when he noticed sexual activities with a Ghost because of in what seemed like dream.

Meanwhile Actor and Producer Owas Mwape says he does not remember if he ever cheated on Saboi Imboela when she was outside the country studying.

The actor and Producer stated that he does not in any way date ‘dull’ individuals because he is a very intelligent person himself.


  1. Why bring all this dirt in public surely? What has gone wrong with our brains? What value will this stupidity add to our national values? OK which style where you giving the ghost, like is Dan Kaya’s lyrics? what a shame!

  2. Is it everything which should be in public bane? Sometimes we feel we are being open and civilised when in actual sense we are loosing integrity especially in our culture.

  3. Imbwa ilya is trying to justify why she got divorced and has remained single. Thanks to the proposed polygamy law help is on the way for she’s aging very badly and at a rapid pace.

  4. Bupuba ubu nomba.
    And she calls herself a leader of a party, instead of talking real issues affecting people, alelanda ifya mubeti. Kukati sure. Ati ba president. Kuwayawayafye.

  5. Isaid it once that this woman is not mentally stable.Here she is today hallucinating and dreaming of ghosts which do not exist without realizing that the problem is herself and within herself.She needs help probably pa Chainama.

  6. Its actually a cry for spiritual help of which she might not be fully aware of herself. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you (James 4:8). The devil is real and only the blood of Jesus can protect us. I suggest you come to Jesus the savior and make no delay. Seek help from a man of God and get your freedom in the name of Jesus Christ.

  7. Why do people attract negative comments on themselves surely? Okay which style where you giving the ghost? The one Danny Kaya sung?

  8. I’ve always suspected that Saboi is either not normal or is possessed by evil spirits
    Let’s leave spirits out of this for now. This lady is not normal, she’s always hyped herself and thought she’d be something bigger. A normal man like Mr Mwape can’t continue with that Riffraff. Even the spirits themselves can’t date Saboi because they possibly have some class and swagger

  9. The same ghost who told you to leave upnd to go and support losing kambwili? This must be a confused ghost or maybe it was kambwili coming into the bedroom at night pretending to be a ghost.

  10. The story it not full madam, because you have not tell us wether the ghost used front door or back door? How you were feeling while doing sex with a ghost madam. Did you enjoyed or not? Those are mere dreams therefore you can not make it as a news unless you are hiding something. Just reconcile with your husband madam.


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