Each institution must choose one person to undergo Project Management orientation training. After the training, let each institution come up with a project and a proposal (S.M.A.R.T) of what to be undertaken in reference to the expected amount to be injected in the project.

The grant from government, well wishers and together with other available funds if any, should be used to embark on sustainable development projects for these institutions. Let the technocrats from among the stakeholders (PTA or PTC) be engaged in the whole process since the community hosts the school permanently (community ownership).

Close monitoring, periodic evaluation and audits must be done to ensure transparency and accountability are adhered to. The Community and the school or college should have a solid committee to champion this cause. The hierarchical demand of funds by the top leadership from the lower institutions in the system must be checked and be regulated on policy because they suck the capital investment from Schools and colleges using administrative orders to the disadvantage of the heads of these institutions.

Every administrative level in the structure of the system must be innovative to avoid burdening anyone. DEBS and PEO must not put financial pressure on the subordinate institutions by making financial or material demands in the face of decentralization policy.

Let Agriculture Science and Production Unity build a formidable base in this context. Subjects like Physics, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education, Food and Nutrition, Technical Drawing, Woodwork are some of the practical examples of subjects that can be used to strengthen the fundraising ventures of institutions in the process of learning and empowerent.

With this well implemented, we can start with subsidies on fees for learners; then their practical involvement in these projects through practical learning, will increase the revenue base and ultimately free education will be attained.

Perpetual dependency on government grant is a recipe for vulnerability to most institutions, hence affecting the quality of education standards negatively.

DP believes that Mindset Change and Identity Recovery are key facets of sustainable development through self-reliance. THE KEY UNLOCKS.

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  1. This is very childish thinking. And this party thinks it can take over the reigns of the country! The mandate of every institution is well-known and experiments are not the answer to the economic calamity we are in. Things started going wrong during Kaunda days because Kaunda became greedy with power, and Introduced the unpopular one party participatory system of government (whatever it meant) , but it impacted negatively on the economy because politics became more important than economics of the country leading to redardation of economic progress. Chiluba came and destroyed all the economic Infrastructure Kaunda had built. Hence the problems we are in now today. So what is needed is to build the economic Infrastructure as back bone of economic growth, not DEBS and whatever beautiful names you have given them. When economic Infrastructure is in place then DEBS will benefit from the flourishing economy. And the economy must be in the hands of serious Zambians not jokers and thieves!


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