It must never be allowed to conduct any activities which suggest, it is fighting corruption. Characters who preside over this institution are themselves culprits who should be investigated for corruption.

They drive all sorts of expensive automobiles and own mansions yet their earnings are way below the value of things they own. If an audit is done, Zambians will be shocked to learn how much these elements own.

What is the source of their riches? Are they immune from prosecution?

Why then should it be a crime for a politician to own the very things which officials at ACC own? Therein lies why the so-called fight against corruption is nothing but a watered down excercise which no one must take serious.

I remain Munir Zulu


  1. The country will only heal when thieves are jailed.

    We need to set an example for future generations that corruption carries stiff penalties.

    Stop crying and face up to your crimes.

  2. You munir participated in the discrediting of ACC by offering a bribe to some officers from this institution. You told the world that you paid a sum of money, thus making you an accomplice in corruption. Why don’t you sit and reflect before issuing a statement as some of the things you say can easily implicate you in future.


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