Zambia Natianal team

By Piers Edwards
BBC Sport Africa

Zambia say they are on standby to play at the Africa Cup of Nations should Zimbabwe be banned by football’s world governing body ahead of Sunday’s start of the competition.

Last month, Fifa said a ban “may have to be imposed on” Zimbabwe unless the elected FA regained control of the sport from a government-appointed organisation by 3 January.

This has not happened, meaning Zambia are theoretically in line to contest the finals since they finished behind Zimbabwe in their Nations Cup qualifying group.

We have followed keenly the development in Zimbabwe and have always remained open to being part of the Nations Cup if Zimbabwe is banned,” Sidney Mungala, the Zambian FA’s media officer, told BBC Sport Africa.

“Given the length of the time before the tournament kicks off, we would have hoped that this matter would have been resolved by now.”

Zambia missed out on reaching the Nations Cup by a single point, when finishing third behind second-placed Zimbabwe in a qualifying group topped by defending champions Algeria.


  1. Lets take things into perspective. This Mungala says FAZ has been following keenly the Zimbabwe matter whose deadline was 3 January 2022? So what if the ban was effected two days ago? Zambia failed to qualify, it has not been in camp and the tournament is starting this weekend? So if tomorrow they say Zambia you are in, then what? Are they going to put together a team between thursday and saturday? Lets be serious and stop wasting tax payers money because that is what FA will need to send the team to the Afcon right?????

  2. It shows FIFA is not consistent in applying its own statutes. Other countries have been sanctioned for similar transgressions why not Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe should have been suspended weeks ago to allow ample time for a replacemt team to prepare adequately for the championships, in this case Zambia.
    We keenly await the FIFA ruling on South Africa’s match against Ghana which circumstances mirror South Africa’s match against Senegal years ago.


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