“Alebwelelapo” Sparks Violent Clash at Namwandwe Market in Mansa


Tensions boiled over in the Namwandwe Market in Mansa, as a Patriotic Front (PF) supporter’s attempt to play a campaign song sparked a violent confrontation with the UPND market chair.

The incident began when a PF supporter from Maiteneke, allegedly playing the song ‘Alebwelelapo’ on his radio while selling chitenge material, entered the Namwandwe Market. This reportedly angered the UPND market chair, who promptly detained the individual.

However, the crowd at the market quickly intervened, demanding the release of the PF supporter, as they saw no justification for his detention. The tense situation quickly escalated, with the market chair calling in the police for assistance.

Upon arrival, the police attempted to diffuse the situation by firing teargas at the unruly mob. But the crowd proved too powerful, and the officers were forced to retreat, leaving the Samfya road blocked with burning tires, logs, and stones.

Rumors suggest that supporters from the neighboring areas of Maiteneke and Senama are already on their way to join the ongoing unrest, further exacerbating the volatile situation.


10th July, 2024


  1. Between the two of them, I would gladly pick ECL.

    I pray we get someone else in 2026, but if we are stuck between these two incompetent thieves, ECL wins hands down. At least he will not sell the country, and cost of living can be tamed. And he will invest in Zambia instead of siphoning dirty money to Panama. And tribalism would stop.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

    • Ba Indigo, please be serious. The chief architect of tribalism would end tribalism?

      I will stick with HH as of now unless he does something really stupid.

      ECL incorporated his entire family in plundering Zambia, something never seen before. He was just about to sell us to the Chinese if we had not stopped him dead in his tracks.

      • Ba JMC, they are both bad seeds.

        One bad seed plundered with his family and his cadres, who happen to be all Zambian.

        The other seed is plundering with his LGBT white masters, who happen to be all foreigners.

        Pick your seed wisely.

  2. Only a fool who did not watch prime tv yesterday can talk about PF criminals, just try to look how PF criminals killed people yesterday I almost cried, the families lost their beloved, today you are here talking about Edgar lungu you are son of Dog panyo pamaibako chikala satanyoko Edgar lungu killed alot of people today you are talking his coming back mwana wamuvigololo chikala.who messed this economy is it not the same dog Edgar lungu who over borrowed chikala iwe?Go in archives mwana wagalu and check how PF criminals could cut fingers for fellow Zambians just because he had upnd posts.indigo Tyrol you are Dog and panyo pamako chikala a normal person can not wish PF criminals to come back unless you are mad

  3. Some people are really very very dull. This JMC must be Tonga, surely how sn ECL be the Chief architect of tribalism, when the Chief architect of tribalism is Hichilema. Tongas don’t see the tribalism in Hichilema because he’s their fellow Tonga, but they quickly see the tribalism in other tribes. That proves how tribal Tongas are because they are very sensitive to other tribes and what other tribes are saying. But among themselves they don’t see any tribalism! So Mr. JMC , the Chief tribalist is Hichilema with all his Tonga cabinet! Not Edgar Lungu because, when Edgar Lungu was president, Tongas and most Lozis never wanted to work work Lungu because he’s not Tonga, but Lungu was ready to work with them. Now Hichilema does not want to work with anybody who is not Tonga or Lozi! So that’s the tribal part of Hichilema. Just like Hichilema, Tongas and most Lozis never recognized Lungu as president when he was president, but Edgar Lungu and Easterners and Northeners have recognized Hichilema as president despite the highest witch hunt currently taking place by Hichilema’s government. Never witnessed in this country before.

    • Ulichipuba satanyoko. Why mentioning Tongas in your stupid analysis.
      Can’t you see Bembas and easterners who are in thebupnd Government? They are more than other tribes put together. Can’t you see Ps who are Bembas and from chipata?
      Recruitment of jobs is done from each district. You tribal fools only employed your tribesmen.
      Can’t you see CDF given to all constituencies?
      You are a foolish ignorant person.

  4. The likes of Mandanda, are living in fools paradise. He is probably an educated fool who is completely blinded, especially if he was used to handouts. Ignore the Chap…


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