When the results were declared!

The new National Olympics Committee President is Alfred Foloko who beat veteran Elias Mpondela in the elections.

Foloko 43 and while Mpondela polled 9!

Vice Presidency goes to incumbent Hazel Kennedy who his close rival Guy David Phiri by 4 votes!

NB: Elias Mpondela still remains President of the Zambia Athletics and Foloko retains his Presidency of Judo. S


Mr. Alfred Foloko 43
Mr. Elias Mpondela 9

Vice President
Ms. Hazel Kennedy 23
Mr. Guy Phiri 19
Ms. Nakaonga Kakoma 10

Secretary General
Mr. Boniface Kambikambi 38
Mr. Musunka Silungwe 14

Mr. Victor Banda (Unopposed)

Committee Members
Ms. Susanna Dakik (Unopposed)
Mr. Mutale Masala (Unopposed)
Mr. Rodrick Ndhlovu (Unopposed)

Congratulations to the new board members.


  1. This mpondela guy has been a perpetual president of ZAAA. Don’t they have a constitution? Do they have elective AGM? Is there no other person from the whole country of zambia who can run ZAAA? National sports council must step in !!!!

  2. Mr mpondela sir, is their no end to any visit for you? You are such a big boy to not understand that one must not overstay a visit or welcome. The nation is simply tired of you at zaaa. There is nothing new that could ever come from your leadership in that organisation. Don’t you have a home? Don’t you even have a small farm, even just bear land really? Even in mbala or mpulungu, don’t you still have some village folks to pass your time with? Please leave. Is your stay in Lusaka tied to your remaining a leader at zaaa? Awe bakalamba, nangu kulanga, chachilamofye. Seleniko please, Zambia will still exist even when you are gone.

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