The Alliance for Development and Democracy ( ADD) has noted with great shock a video circulating on various social media platforms. In the said video clip, one Father Lupupa of St Ignatius Parish in Lusaka is heard abusing the pulpit by openly campaigning for the Patriotic Front (PF) . Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have been bothered if the said political campaigning was being done in compliance with the laws of the country and if Father Lupupa was simply exercising his constitutional right to belong and canvass for a political party of his choice.

His being a supposedly Man of the Cloth not with standing. what we have found shocking is that Father Lupupa, in furtherance of his political wishes has even gone as far as advocating for an illegality. He is seen and heard calling for the RIGGING of the upcoming elections if that is what it shall take to achieve the desires of his political paymasters.

This is a blantant violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia and all the electoral laws of the republic. A call for the RIGGING of elections is a call for lawlessness and such criminal advocacy should not be tolerated in our country. To this effect the ADD, through my office as Secretary General, has laid a Criminal Complaint against Father Lupupa at the Woodlands Police Station.

It is our fervent belief that no effort should be spared in ensuring that free and fair elections are a hallmark of Democratic Zambia and that any attempts to undermine the will of the people should be nipped in the bud at the earliest sign of such vices. The statement by Father Lupupa is one such example of an attempt to undermine constitutional order in the country. We call upon the Police to take this matter with the seriousness it deserves.
Mubita Anakoka (Mr)
Secretary General


  1. WoodlAnds Police is the right place to report such utterances that can cause lawlessness; for they swiftly arrest such criminals and throw them in detention. If they can get him today, the arresting officer will knock off and he is assured of preaching his criminal tricks in cells till Monday when his bail can be considered. We are waiting to hear he has been locked up,please do not let us down ba WoodlAnds Police. Aggressively the way you do with opposition members when they utter something like this.

  2. The man of God has spoken his mind, infact is very correct why should we embrace leaders who promote violence, have you ever heard HH condemning violence, not even a single day infact is a promoter of such acts. I borrow his words it’s better to rig elections than to be ruled by an evil man period.


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