Yes, PS Kangwa might have uttered bad words but there’s more to these allowance frenzy than meets the eye!

Alot of sports men and women went to the Commonwealth Games but why are complaints only coming from the swimmers and not any other sports discipline?

Have we ever sat down to ask ourselves why swimming is now a sport for the elite and why we have no komboni swimmers?

If you go to OYDC sports complex you will find Komboni youth participating in all sports discipline apart from swimming.

Why should a swimming pool at OYDC only accessible to whites, mixed races and rich black kids and yet komboni kids of Matero, Chaisa, Mandevu are other compounds are not allowed to swim there?
Why is the Swimming Union locking the gate of the pool and reserve entrance to only rich kids, while other sports facilities are open for the komboni talent ?

I challenge Dr Changala (OYDC CEO) to refute my claims over the pool at OYDC being only open to a selected few rich people and yet govt is the one that pays all the maintenance of the swimming pool using Tax payers money from which even the same komboni kids not allowed entry pay the same tax.

Most Komboni dwellers have minted medals, what medals has swimming brought and why?
Its simple, the sport is only for the rich and the only pool which is supposed to expose komboni talent is restricted to only the elite.

I don’t support PS Kangwa’s words, he has a good point only badly expressed!

Vuto iliku swimming federation.

Yours truly,
Thomas Sipalo,


  1. Absolutely right, spot on! Swimming is for the elitist some of whom are not “really Zambians” and often train outside of our poor country.
    We are not fools.

  2. The one with courage to speak has been taught to voice out against injustices. She spoke for the baku komboni who felt intimidated by PS’s telĺing them off. These mayadi kids speak up.She even mentioned that she complained to our local officials from the Olympics Committee who did nothing about the complaint. It was genuine, this political cadre PS must go back to school to ĺearn how to communicate in order to build. She even guided journalists in how not to discourage participants when they do not make it. The people selected to represent Zambia were the best from our country in their respective disciplines. Why did this pS travel when there are always delegation leaders to manage these teams? He is the one that went for shopping from his hefty per diem. The govt should introduce retireable impress and you will see how they will cut down these travels. Do you know that even “ba ma Prophets” are only found mu ķomboni?

  3. This man is out of touch with reality. When did you last go to a swimming gala? A lot of top swimmers are now coming from poor clubs in the komboni. They are doing wonders breaking records, making a name for themselves attracting sponsorship for their clubs and themselves. Don’t just talk because you want to remain newsworthy or else you end up making a fool of yourself.


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