1. The Church slept. Some of the Church Leaders became Christians for ECL. Prophecy was used to decieve us. The pulpit was equally abused for obvious reasons. Brown envelopes were given to some Church Leaders to side with them.

    The Church did not condemn caderism, Corruption, ritual killings, gassing, violence and many other ills perpetrated by PF government.

    The Church invited us for prayers, fasting and reconciliation every October after all the above stated ills were committed by PF cadres in Government.

    The PF Government started building a Church for Christians for ECL instead of building one particular industry to create employment. They created more worshipers for ECL.

    It’s true the Church was compromised.

  2. Please be honest. No justification. You contradicted yourself. You said that you don’t challenge your parents- rulers, but still say from now onwards your won’t do that. It is because HH seems to be tolerant and kinder than the previous government.

  3. Where’s Mwelwa so that I can shake her hand? She didn’t insult anyone. She spoke the truth. She used the words of Jesus. Like Jesus, she was fearless and bold. She spoke truth to power just like Jesus did and they didn’t like him. And am not sure you really like her right now. Good for you to read that letter anyway.

  4. Men of God my foot! Just go and sleep than talking talking…we know all of you than you think…contractions everywhere…Eish

  5. You and Seer 1 are false prophets bent on misleading Zambians who do not read and understand the Bible. You claim that Zambia is the only nation among its neighbors favored by God stand in sharp contrast with the scripture below:

    Acts 10:34-35
    New International Version
    34 Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism 35 but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right.

    What do you have to say? I have more Biblical issues that I can prove you wrong but for now this is it.

  6. Rev Mwambazi, its heart warming that your have admitted that the Church failed to speak for its flock during the brutal reign of the PF Government.

    Sir there is no justification, whatsoever for the Church’s failer.

    Jesus flogged those who turned his father’s house into a market place. HH, UPND, Lawyers like Sangwa State Counsel, Musha among others played their roles in difficulty circumstances. HH was jailed. Sangwa’s practising licence was withdrawn at one point and their lives were at risk. The Church Leadership went into hiding.

    Today, the Gospel is used to raise cowards whose voice is suppressed by verses we choose to use such as do not touch my annoited. Respect those in authority. Its God who chooses Leaders. Even when we know a Leader has rigged elections. Then we have been treated to some divisive prophecies by the do called Christian/Bishops for ECL.

    These and many more verses were used against us by our colonial Masters. Now the Church is used to recruit an army of people who are mentally colonised and can’t ask questions.

    Going forward, the Church must be proactive.

    We don’t need the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Its a useless Ministry. It just succeeded in stopping ZONDWA Wabantu to come to Zambian to entertain us.


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