Kamanga reaches out to Sikazwe

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has reached out to FIFA referee Janny Sikazwe who is on CAF duty in Cameroon.

Kamanga visited Sikazwe in Douala where the Zambian referee is currently stationed and says the seasoned whistle-man is in high spirits.

Sikazwe was struck by a heat stroke during the Tunisia versus Mali Group F match played in Limbe.

Mali won the match 1-0 but the controversy characterized the final stages with facts now emerging that Sikazwe had suffered a heat stroke.

Sikazwe who is a 2018 FIFA World Cup referee has officiated at multiple Africa of Nations including the 2017 final between Camerron and Egypt.

Kamanga is in Cameroon on CAF duty with Dr Joseph Kabungo who is a CAF medical officer and Desmond Katongo (media) being the other Zambians on CAF duty at the AFCON.

Credit: FAZ



  1. How can Janny Sikazwe be in high spirits after such an international embarrassment however this was caused? A normal person should even have left the place and headed home other than wait for consolation from the shameless FAZ President. Kamanga is the biggest scoundrel in the running of Zambian football since Independence. He is in Cameroon to celebrate Zambia’s failure to qualify to AFCON 2021.

    • Unnecessary rantings. Sikazwe, made serious errors in that game, but we can’t discard him just like that. He’s still a Zambian and its during such times that he needs our support, physically, emotionally spiritually etc. How do you expect him to heal if we, his own kin shun him? Let’s grow and be responsible and be magnanimous in what we say and do.

  2. mwilabwalabwa January 14, 2022 At 11:37 pm

    How can Janny Sikazwe be in high spirits after such an international embarrassment!

    Comment by an non patrotic and useless Zambian with a PHD syndrome….you comments on Sikazwe are foolish.


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