Andyford Banda Takes A Break From Politics To Cool Off

Andyford Banda
Andyford Banda


By Kombe Chimpinde Mataka

PAC president Andyford Banda says he is on a break from politics so that he can cool off from political campaigns.

Banda, who has been absent from the political scene for a while, said in an interview that he did not want to do politics like he was playing.

“I am just on break and I just want to prepare adequately for the next years of my political life. I just want to cool off. You know from 2016 up to 2021, we did a lot of work and you know there was a change of government and the country is in need of a formidable opposition. I don’t want to do politics like we are joking. I just want to put everything in order,” he explained.

Banda, who came fourth in the 2016 polls that saw Edgar Lungu emerge victorious, said the party had done a lot of work from which it would build on once it regroups.

“We don’t want to continue like we are just playing. We are in touch with our members. Now we are not looking at 2,000 people. We are looking at millions to get to support us. Those that are not patient are welcome to join other parties. But those that are loyal should just wait patiently. We shall regroup very soon,” he said.

Banda said his first task when the party regroups is to suspend all structures so that all those holding positions renew their mandate, including filling the vacant position of vice-president following the resignation of environmentalist and former transport minister William Harrington.


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