Anthony Bwalya Has Been Demoted To A Level Of Assistant Director- Chanda John CHIMBA

Presidential Spokesperson ANTHONY BWALYA

Chanda John CHIMBA writes

FROM THE LITTLE I KNOW, A Presidential spokesperson, or Any special assistant like comrade Anthony Bwalya was until today is at the civil service level of Deputy Secretary to the cabinet, the second senior post position in the civil service of zambia.

Now, Anthony has been ”redeployed” as Deputy High Commisioner(Ambassador) to Tanzania, to me that is a very huge demotion for someone who served at such a senior level .

An ambassador is at the level of Director and a Deputy Ambassador is at the level of an assistant Director.

As an ambassador or deputy, you report to a permanent secretary at Foreign Affairs, even when you want to come to zambia you need to apply, now Anthony will apply and report to his once upon a time juniors.

As things stand, Thabo Kawana the chief filer is now more senior than Anthony Bwalya. In short Bwalya has been demoted.

Nonetheless, all the best in your new role comrade. I know it was never easy for you at Staley, from being left out on trips and being sent to radio stations when you should accompany the boss.

Work well in TZ and please avoid temptation there . Lol the women are so beautiful. We shall be visiting you time to time when we come to get our second hand cars from Japan pa Dar Port .


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