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PF Media Director Antonio Mourinho Mwanza has challenged the UPND government to disclose how much they have spent on each one of the presidential trips.

And Mwanza says UPND should ask Edgar Lungu to get back into State House if they have failed to govern, rather than making references to PF all the time.

Commenting on remarks by UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa that the amount of money which President Hakainde Hichilema had spent on 18 trips could equate to the amount which his predecessor, Lungu, would spend on three trips…

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  1. The Accountant General can provide the information that Antonio wants. However this exercise should start from 2011. So that we see who is reckless and not.

  2. @Chisha; your brain is sound my dear, it should start from 2011. Ala insoni ebuntu Antonio, HH doesn’t move in a swarm of every irrelevant Jim and jack when he travels. His entourage is always very simple and he means business… big up man!

  3. The trips cost less than Lungu’s entourage of 50+ receiving large sums per diems per day. Since he wants HH trip costs released, let’s go back and release the cost of each trip Lungu took.

  4. Yes let’s start from 2011 and compare with now so that we can have a fair judgement. Cost, entourage, what type of trip. We see if ba Antonio has a base.

  5. Even if you want to expose your Boss ECL, sometimes silence is golden, look at the entourage your ECL was taking remember on one trip of PF officials, they even hired a boat SUPPOSEDLY linked to HH without knowing, where a lot of expenditure was exposed. these guys even used to go for shopping sprees after supposed meetings where they never took any notes,So if you are intelligent enough do not open a Pandora’s box even if you hate your former boss. Sometime seat down before you open your mouth to think about the broader outcome of your line of though before putting it on paper or social media.


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