Official Patriotic Front – PF Facebook page writes:

Mwanza, a Civil Servant
Mr. Antonio Mwanza was a civil servant of the party. He was employed and paid a salary consistently. It for this reason that he has given notice to his employers about his resignation.

Many members have sacrificed and toiled for the party, without pay or benefits. The two issues of sacrifice must be seperated.


  1. Your press conference brought out the Antonio we knew previously for the first time in years you were serious, not that joker of the PF who spoke with his tummy, you spoke with real conviction, but it will take more effort for people to accept your real self because of how you carried yourself all these years as a stooge, so stooge you choose to be and stooge you will be called for a long time to come, don’t even hide in wifely verses of the holly book.

  2. The youngman overrates himself and full of self praises about himself. What relevance checks and balances did Antonio Mwanza contribute to previous governments including the New Dawn government? Antonio Mwanza is a political parasite and scavenger who survives on reaping where he did not sow seeds of hardwork or sacrificed.

    Antonio Mwanza stop talking about UPND and mentioning his Excellency President Hikainde Hichilema in seeking sympathy from the people of Kalingalinga. Please don’t talk about UPND because you do not know how the party was formed and the sacrifices and pain the founders including the President Hikainde Hichilema went through to make the party strong and where it is today. When you were the president of UNZASU you attended whatever meetings you talked about not that you were smart or influential but you represented an institution UNZASU and not participating as Antonio Mwanza. Your press briefing was fake and why talking about UPND? Further, what connection is there between your resignation from the PF and the UPND?

    The PF employed you for insulting and demeaning the UPND. Antonio Mwanza should be grateful to Edith Nawakwi who established him and feed him when he was struggling but he ended betraying her.


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