Antonio Mwanza was a paid up worker of PF earning K15,000 salary per month, a 4×4 car and house rent paid for monthly by PF- Miles Sampa

Antonio Mwanza

Miles Sampa
The resignation of my mbuya Antonio Mwanza has some slim blessing in disguise to it. He has actually done a favour to us in the PF because he was a paid up worker of PF earning K15,000 salary per month, a 4×4 car and house rent paid for monthly by PF. There is still a few more remaining at the Secretariat on such terms as if we are still in ruling.

I hear ba hijacker are already quickly talking to some young man fired from diplomatic services and whose late father from the South was a renown politician in the UNIP and MMD era. This should not be allowed.

We are in the opposition and everyone one of us should be on voluntary basis as used to be when we were in the opposition pre 2011.

So ba Hijackers don’t hire anyone replacing Antonio Mwanza to continue abusing the money us the PF MPs contribute monthly to the total of around K300M. This money should go towards helping our structures in all the 10 provinces and not paying workers. Opposition is for volunteers and for money making schemes.

I humbly submit.



  1. It all started with Fostina rebelling the party, now it’s Milesi. You need prayers. Your article contain internal issues, you bring it out. Matero constituency yabwelapofye

  2. One thing about Miles is that he is not a coward, if he was, he could have run away from PF a long time ago, remember even party cadres were being sent to clobber him, but he still remained strong within a party that perpetually persecuted him, that alone is a sign of a strong leader, he has decided to fight injustices from within, big ups Miles, correct the wrongs from within, l know Dox points does not like you around but he is nothing beyond six points

  3. I remember that his salary was higher than this at the time he ditched FDD; at least that’s what was reported in the media that he had been offered above K30,000 . He had also implied that Edith Nawakwi would soon be joking PF.


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