Apple settles lawsuits alleging it purposefully slowed down iPhones


Apple has started paying money for a lawsuit about slowing down some iPhones in the US.

People who made complaints will get a share of a $500 million (£394 million) agreement, which comes out to about $92 per claim.

In 2020, Apple agreed to end the lawsuit. They said they didn’t do anything wrong but they didn’t want to keep spending money on the court case.

In the UK, there is another case trying to get £1. 6bn in money as compensation.

In December 2017, Apple admitted that they intentionally made some iPhones run slower as they got older, which confirmed what many people had suspected for a long time.

It was mentioned that as batteries got older, they didn’t work as well, which made the phones last longer.

However, Apple was accused of slowing down the performance of some iPhones without informing its customers. This caused a lot of anger, so Apple offered a discounted battery replacement to solve the problem.

It caused the US to take legal action. At first, they thought people might get $25 each, but now it looks like they might get about $100 each.

Apple tried to stop a big lawsuit in the UK last November, but they did not win.

Justin Gutmann brought a case in June 2022 that involves about 24 million people who use iPhones.

Apple said the lawsuit is not true and they would never do anything to purposely make their products stop working or give a bad experience to customers just to make them buy new products.

Unlike the US agreement, which only covered iPhone 6 and 7, the UK lawsuit also includes people who had iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X and is asking for money for them.


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