Appointees Letting HH Down – Maiko Zulu



By Michael Nyumbu

Lusaka based Reggae Artist Maiko Zulu says the Ministries of Agriculture, Health and Local Government and Rural Development are so far a let down to the people of Zambia.

Zulu explains that the handling of this year’s Farmers Input Support Program (FISP) has been a letdown to small scale farmers across the country.

He remarks that small scale farmers in the country could yield poor harvests due to late supply of farming inputs which may result in food shortages in the country.

Zulu adds that the Ministry of Health has also deprived citizens of the Right to health due to drug shortages.

He urges the Ministry of Health to improve its operations by ensuring that heath facilities have essential drugs.

Zulu has also accused the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development of not being in touch with the grassroots to propel development.

He claims that the Ministry is not being effective in executing its duties especially in the field of Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

And Development Activist Wesley Miyanda has challenged President Hakainde Hichilema to reshuffle his Cabinet to get rid of non-performing Ministers.

He pointed at Garry Nkombo, Silvia Masebo and Reuben Phiri accusing them of failing to run their respective ministries and should therefore be reshuffled.

Miyanda said the image of the Head of State may continue to be damaged along as he keeps non performing individuals in key positions.


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