Appreciate the C5 unit – Thomas Sipalo (Diffikoti)

“You can only appreciate flying squad aka C5 when you’re robbed,those demanding for it to be disbanded must think twice…

Working under C5 is a matter of life and death,every day might be your last…

The squad work 24 hours a day risking and patrolling Lusaka to make sure peoples lives are safe…
Without flying squad lusaka will be paradise for bandits.

All we need is to find ways and suggestions on how we can co-exist and work closer with the police.”


  1. Mr. Sipalo, you are missing the point. The purpose of C5 is not to show off and kill innocent Zambians for no reason. The request is for this unit to be well trained like the S.W.A.T in the USA. It’s high time they are held accountable for anyone who is gunned down for no reason.
    Right now a pharmacist is in the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds from some trigger happy idiots. He may never walk or enjoy his wife for good because of poor training.

  2. They are just spot ON, just more training and better transport. We need them. This unit had to be created in Zambia police before them remember the likes of nevers spoiler kapenda the armed robber? And the bandits from Zaire. Zambia police did not manage them till C5 was created. With Patel and company clearing all armed robbers. Some how the robbers seem to be back ZP must change tactics now e.g. bring in the army commando unit retrain them in civil crime or use them as they are and shall see peace in the nation.


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