In all his anti HH sermons, what the Archbishop conveniently forgets to cite and outrightly condemn is the opposition’s use of ethnicity to leverage their politics and divide the country and its citizens.

It’s a well-known fact that Archbishop Banda has been anti-Hichilema since the President’s opposition days, so it doesn’t matter which side of the political divide HH is on, Archbishop Banda will attack him.

In their quest for social justice, which the Catholics are known for, they must remain impartial, not be overly judgmental or one-sided. They should not act as referees, spectators, participants, or indeed a boxing ring. Instead, they should be counselors and advocates for the voiceless and downtrodden.

This is what we know of the world’s oldest church, and this is the message it’s Head the Holy Father Pope Francis preaches about; reconciliation, tolerance, love, unity, forgiveness and justice.

Archbishop Banda falls short of these expectations, ultimately attracting criticism and murmurs from his own priests, which he now laments as propaganda. It’s high time the Archbishop listened to his inner voice.


  1. But who’s the author of this nonsense. You started hiding your identities when 2026 is still far. Muka butuka mo mu Zambia. Please leave our Archbishop alone.

    • Ba Mukuka, Archbishop Banda is compromised and the Catholic Church has lost the credibility and moral highground that was its distinguishing mark.

      Under his watch, priests liberally gifts from politicians. And as the saying goes, there is no such a thing as a free lunch. I have no doubt about where his loyalty lies.

      Of course there is still a remnant like Bishop Lungu of Chipata, still solid and a voice of reason.

    • Is that your true identity? The anonymous writer has brought out salient points worth pondering on by the archbishop. His own priests have indeed brought out various allegations against him and all he can say in defence through his surrogates is cry propaganda.

    • You foolish supporter of Defunct TuPF crimminal government running to where? In your mother’s house?
      Vote wisely vote for HH7 in 2026/31

  2. Bcos of asking a nonsensical question, everybody has put aside Bishop Banda but attacking the poor beligered chimukuka. Stupid question indeed⁸⁸

  3. We all know this banda as a PF cadre from the time PF was in power and he always used to speak against upnd while turning a blind eye on the atrocities of PF. So we don’t expect anything of value from his mouth.


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