Arrests, detentions and intimidation won’t lower the cost of living- Lusambo

I earlier today interacted with our people around Northmead area in Lusaka where I had gone to buy my favorite food, dry fish.

The lamentations from our people are clear. They are disappointed that President Hichilema who promised lower cost of living is presiding over runaway prices of everything. They have categorically declared that ongoing arrests, detentions and intimidation of perceived political enemies will do very little to help President Hichilema fix the mess he has created.

Furthermore, it was wonderful to hear ordinary people reaffirm their rejection of the IMF programme because the memories of the hardships they went through the last time the boys and girls from Washington were in town are still fresh.


  1. Zambians are very happy with these arrests. In fact, we want a lot more arrests until your boss joins you in jail.

    Lusambo, enjoy your freedom right now because you will be jailed for a very long time. Your cases are unrelated, so jail time will not be concurrent.

    Defilement alone will land you 20 years with hard labour.

    Corruption and theft, another 15 years with hard labour.

    And then there is that murder you were implicated in. That one my friend is a death sentence.

    So spend this little precious time you have left with ALL your children, including the new arrival via Mercy.

    Nancy and Mercy will soon be serviced by other men while you are in prison.

  2. I think you were not given a good reception when you went to buy fish and so you had to concoct a story for your Facebook page. What does the old lady selling dry fish know or even care about IMF? Lies have short legs.

  3. Today he’s agreeing that the cost of living is high, tell us the source of your wealth if the majority is being hit left right and center by your doing with ka Humble thief.

  4. Dull statements. If we recover the millions stolen that makes a very big difference. Is this the trick you think you will use to gain sympathy.

    You guy, was boasting spending K 2 million for shopping in shoprite and we believe your arrogance.

    See you now pose with the poor people while you believe that you steal for your future. What stupidity is this.

    Go stand with the guys who sleep on money spread on beds and who own questionable wealth. Those are your friends not these poor people. This is a fake attitude. RED CARD!!


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