Bukayo Saka has appealed to Nigerians to understand why he decided to represent England at senior level ahead of Nigeria.

The 19 year old was faced wih a tough choice of picking between both countries after a stellar breakthrough season at the Emirates and at the end settled for England.

Prior to that decision he has represented England at several youth levels but made it clear that he was opened to switching to Nigeria at senior level.

“Choosing Nigeria over England would be a tough decision. My whole family has been in England like forever, it would be very strange for me to adapt to an environment that I had never been at since growing up. When I grew up all my documents stated that I am English, hopefully Nigeria people will understand”, Saka said.

“It’s like when you lived with your step father since the young age then your biological father appears when you are already brought up by your step father and invested everything in your life, you cannot just say am going to my biological father who was never there for you”.

He has since gone ahead to establish himself as a first team player at Arsenal and he is in pole position to make the English squad for the European Championship.


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