By Mukwima Chilala

The ruling United Party for National Development-UPND has challenged former President Edgar Lungu to instruct leader of opposition in parliament to move a motion if he is really determined to have his immunity removed.

UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa says the UPND is currently not interested in removing Mr. Lungu’s immunity and that the issue is not part of the UPND’s agenda nor that of its Members of Parliament.

Yesterday, the former of head of state asked President Hakainde Hichilema to start the process of removing his immunity if they think he stole so that he could have a day in court.

Former President Lungu said he has had enough of witch-hunt and name calling and would like President Hichilema to prove in Parliament what crime he had committed.

But Mr. Mweetwa told Millennium radio that the best the former President can do is ask the leader of the opposition Brian Mundubile to move a motion in parliament if he really wants his immunity removed.


  1. I cry my beloved Zambia is this circus of politicking ever going to come to an end?I know Mr Mweetwa as a lawyer hence I suspected him to understand the clauses of our constitution especially article 98.Can i say ECL understands it by saying the president Mr HH should go to parliament and prove the allegations and later start the process of removing his immunity.On the other side can I say Mr Mweetwa does not understand it by saying ECL should tell the leader of the opposition to move the motion to lift his immunity.Sorry William the conc court start preparing there will be work for you to interpret the constitution. lawyers give us proper direction is it the reason as to why ZIALE exams are hard to pass so as to prepare for the misunderstanding of simple issues especially among a group of lawyers who have joined politics?

  2. So true if he is serious he should ask his party members to move a motion to remove his immunity. Davis Mwila and Chama and Antonio, would freak out at this suggestion. They must be telling him not to push this agenda for they have their own skeletons hiding behind Edgar’s immunity.

  3. What understanding constitution naimwe. Only the president can start the process of removing the immunity of a former president. Stop confusing yourselves. Just because one is a lawyer does not mean they can interpret the constitution.

  4. Sweeping statements Mr. Matumbo are dangerous. Remember that there was the impeachment motion of ECL that was moved by the then opposition Mazabuka Lawmaker. Hon. Mweetwa is not talking from the Blues. Trust me, the one to ‘sell’ ECL is within PF.

  5. Chagwa the corrupt is wishing to clear his name, how is that even possible considering that is if the father of corruption and the father of state capture. He is also visionless and a baffoon and will find himself on the streets where this lab of human specimen belongs.

  6. This is the most foolish thing to come from an adult and a trained lawyer! It’s a sitting president that can start process of removing immunity. Some of these lawyers, if they had trained in Agriculture or medicine cattle and human beings respectively, would be dying emasse because they don’t understand anything in their professions! Because they lack the intelligence to be called professionals!


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