President Hakainde Hichilema has constituted a comprehensive Asset Recovery Team comprised of Zambia Police, ACC, DEC and FIC working in collaboration with ZRA, ZICTA and The Auditor General.

This is the most significant stride ever made in Zambia’s history to recover assets stolen from the state by those who were entrusted with the country’s resources.

Each of these arms of government comes with its own expertise.

The FIC has all the raw electronic transactions data on how these PF criminals were moving stolen money and what assets were acquired with the funds.

The DATA from the FIC feeds into the ACC and DEC to allow them to freeze accounts of suspected criminals, track their movements and charge them.

ZP will physically seize their physical assets such as houses, cars and other items aquired from stolen funds.

The Auditor General who has already conducted investigations has all the source documents needed by the ACC, DEC and ZP to effect arrests.

ZRA comes in to detect tax fraud and tax evasion, any PF individual claiming to have earned funds legitimately should demonstrate their source of funds, what business they did, who their customers are, show their accounts, the profit they made and what taxes they paid to ZRA.

Those who can’t show their tax returns or tax payments will have their assets seized and frozen.

ZICTA comes with the expertise of tracking criminal communications and movements.

The noose is tightening fast around the necks of thieves.

The Asset Recovery Team should take a very tough approach ; freeze their bank accounts, grab their passports and seize their properties, squeeze all their finances out.

Once they’re squeezed, these thieves will only remain with one source of funds, the cash they have hidden in various places around the country.
It will then become easier to locate these stashes of cash.


  1. At zRA, the only data you will find is from the new system which is from the year 2019 or 2020 if I am not mistaken, because the old system was frozen as direct change over and it did not run parallel with the new system at change over, kindly check it up to verify my claims. and if that is so, then someone was way ahead of us.

  2. Why do you have lawyers in the recovery team. Was it an oversight or someone overlooked the necessity? It’s not too late to include a credible crack of lawyers to support the team. Good move so these noise makers can keep quiet. We are waiting for the one who thinks he is Jesus and is going to resurrect in2026. Get him out, he thought immunity would save him from his reckless corruption and impunity.

  3. this is very good move by my president. I propose we change the name to “Asset recovery and financial crimes (ARFC) unit ” in order to reflect the MISSION STATEMENT of the team

  4. Let’s get on with the people’s business – crack down on them!!! We want our assets back in the Government coffers where they belong.


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