August continues to torment Lungu

EVEN before former president Edgar Lungu completely heals from the calamity that befell him and his PF last August, the very eighth month of 2022 has presented him with yet another tragedy to mourn about.

Lungu will no longer watch popular Zambian tele-novelas, Mpali and Zuba after some cheeky thieves broke into his house and made away with two of his Samsung Smart television sets worth K66,000 while he was out having his Blood Pressure checked in South Africa yesterday.

Now, the former Head of State will have to locate to a nearby bar in his hood where he will be able to watch English Premier League matches.

According to police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, the daring criminals
gained access to Lungu’s residence in the affluent neighborhood of Ibex Hill in Lusaka by cutting the electrical wire fence and breached the wall fence before breaking the main door and stealing the television sets.

Hamoonga said the theft took place between 01:00 and 06:00 hours yesterday and was only discovered by domestic workers later.

“Police visited the scene of crime and it was noted that criminals gained by access into the premises by cutting the electrical wire fence on the eastern side and it’s believed to be the same used as an exit.

At the crime scene only one stand has been found in the next yard,” Hamoonga explained in a statement yesterday.

“Police have instituted investigations into the matter,” added Hamoonga.

Concerned citizens have called on Lungu’s landlord and 2012 Africa Cup winning defender Stoppila Sunzu to strengthen the security systems around the house.

In just two days, it will be exactly a year since Lungu suffered a humiliating rejection at ballot after predicting that he would win the election by over five hundred thousand votes.



  1. He didn’t want 12 August to find him in Zambia hence running away to south Africa for a BP check up This month will forever haunt him.


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