UPPZ President Charles Chanda


I listened to the President’s official speech during opening of the workshop for Ministers and Permanent Secretaries. The speech was great though some basic facts were missing and this is well understood as everyone including those advising the President have never been in government and it is job on training.

There is one thing l will not agree with the President and its reducing parliament to a mere house. He refused to recognise parliament and kept on referring to it a house just because it is alleged that some of the MPs got contracts and never delivered. If you have evidence cage those MPs so we have more Bye elections. Its undemocratic for a sitting President to insinuate that just because there is an alleged crime then MPs must never talk.

On this one it’s a big NO to Bally and l don’t care the insults that will follow. Stick to written speeches than becoming a Pentecostal Tele Evangelist. You still remain my President.

UPPZ President


  1. Exactly! Why don’t you act Bally? You have the information and evidence but those thieves are never prosecuted, why?
    You are now beginning to sound rhetorical. You have all the powers so do you behave like you are still in the Opposition?

  2. Zambians should be ashamed that they allowed an administration such as that of PF to govern them. It is amazing that some people try to justify PF wrong doings.

  3. The MPs, no matter what opinions HH has about them, were democratically elected just like him. They are honourable until they are proved legally otherwise by a competent court. HH should therefore not demean parliament just because there are members there he considers criminals. Every body knows that PF were very corrupt and indeed that is why Zambians voted them out of power. Zambians elected HH President to, among other things, decisively deal with corruption and to ensure the very many in PF who plundered faced the law. This is what Zambians have been expecting since 12 August. And nothing has been done except more and more divisive political rhetoric. The way the president always talks about PF corruption ,one would expect that the president has been made aware about enough evidence to have the culprits arrested and prosecuted. The country can not for ever progress in a proliferated political environment of accusations. There is need to deal with PF corruption quickly and decisively so that the country can heal and move forward. There can never be real peace and unity in Zambia without justice, forgiveness and reconciliation.


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