BELEFYE KU CHIMPWENA: Hichilema is too self-centered, insensitive, and devoid of empathy- Fred M’membe



It is regrettable, though not surprising, that Mr Hichilema has opted to leave the country amidst crises.

The country is grappling with a debilitating drought, which he has even declared a national disaster with over 6 million people requiring food. We also have loadshedding of up to 17 or 20 hours daily, which in essence has greatly paralysed business operations and domestic or private lives of citizens.

Yet Mr Hichilema and his handlers see it fit for him to leave the country and abandon the people, who are in a desperate and hopeless situation, for some inconsequential and what appears to be personal but expensive engagements overseas.

If the itinerary we have seen is anything to go by then people have every reason to demand answers from Mr Hichilema because clearly there is nothing critical or urgent deserving his attention overseas than the problems facing the people right now. Belefye ku chimpwena, mukuseya!

Ideally, when a nation is in crisis, leaders who are worth their name sit back or travel back home to personally participate in resolving the crisis. But not Mr Hichilema, who opts to do the opposite, and ultimately makes people feel uncared for and ignored in times of trouble.

Mr Hichilema is too self-centered, insensitive, and devoid of empathy, care, and support required, especially from a leader. This is disastrous, shameful, and unconscionable.

This country is on auto-pilot!

Fred M’membe


    • Muna Kaliba fuseki yenda uko PF criminal iwe! M*tuvi yako ya PF gslu iwe. This is not ypur mother’s country Mambala iwe.

  1. Ba Fred,HH is the president of this country and he is the driver now.We only have one driver at a time.You may not be prevy as to why he has travelled.Drought ba Fred can’t stop the president from traveling on other national duties.We are now in winter and we don’t expect any rains for now and even if he was not to travel it wouldn’t have rained.Your jealous is not supposed to be shown publicly.Try to hide it within your body if not your mind just close your mouth and let the driver of the country drive it safely and nicely.We are enjoying the ride we shall reach the destination and the destination is economic growth,youth emperwoment and good living for all.You want to drive but we were told by ECL that you were evading tax.How can we trust you? You may loot too.

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  3. Ati the President shouldn’t be traveling because of drought and load shedding. Can HH manufacture rains if he stays at home? Rains will only come in the next rainy season and that’s when even load shedding will end. Are you telling us that the President azinkala ce ndwii until the end of drought, we need more investment ba bwana.

  4. Musonda you are unemployed now. How are you going to get a job if the President does not seek investment abroad. You want a dwiii President. Think . Bikako sikopo.

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  6. Ba Membe, you are degrading yourself further by not showing maturity. Your target is to inject as much Hate Vernon against
    HH as much as possible in Zambians. Well, it won’t work.
    You and your fellow plunderers and tribalist politicians are not going to use Zambians to drive your agendas. Your aim is to make Zambians believe that you are fighting for their cause yet it is very clear that you are in politics to protect yourselves from prosecution for defrauding government.
    It is clear that you want your troubles to be redefined as political persecution, yet you have provoked Government by crossing the line and stealing from Zambians through Business transactions. Evading Tax, Borrowing huge amounts of money and failing to pay back. Face the Law alone without dragging Zambians into being your pawns.
    HH means well, but you are fighting him, right, left and center. Shame!


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