Bishop Joe Imakando

Bishop Joe Imakando to join a list of unpaid workers

Bishop Imakando of Bread of Life church International in Lusaka recently announced that he will no longer seek a payment for his services to the church. The Bishop who founded the mega church in the 90s in the then deprived area of emmersdale added that the church had always paid him a salary. His salary value was decided by an independence council of trusts.

However, the Bishop has felt that the time has come to work for the church for free. The Bishop has joined the new trend of executives giving their services to an organisation for free.

Earlier this year, it was established that President Hakainde Hichilema does not receive a salary as a president of Zambia despite having spent nearly K600m (estimate) in campaigns over the 15 years to 2021. The UPND has previously been financed by ordinary citizens voluntarily with no expectations of any rewards. They have included the likes of GBM, Mubita Nawa, Charles Kakoma just to mention a few.

The Bishop also announced that the church was to finish paying off the Blessing Centre cathedral mortgage (loans) in the coming weeks which will be another milestone in its endeavour to bring more people into the kingdom of God.

SOURCE: The Scope Newspaper


  1. That’s serious mockery, esp when you own the church and it’s duly registered in your own names as a Limited company. Why do these guys like playing with the minds of the uninformed and brainwashed, with such impunity?

    It’s your own investment, and your survive out of it; it’s bank account and yours are ultimately and in fact yours, then you want to sing a song that you won’t be getting a salary?! Or, is there going to be any difference in terms of lifestyle, between now and then?

    I remember, sometime back when building of the same blessing centre, the same Bishop announced that he was emptying his bank account in order to commit the money to the church, then encouraged his members to go by in the same fashion

    You guys are good at your deceptive games..

  2. Facts go, an elder of the church was sent to apply for a plot as the place where they were renting was becoming small and expensive and needed a place of their own. The application instead of being done in the Baptist church emmerdale the elder put his name.
    Application was accepted. Trouble started because that elder now claimed that plot and actually asked that they pay him if they wanted it.
    Poor congregation did not have the kind of money. Elder was forced out of church and occupied the present day BREAD OF LIFE
    Such travesty

  3. He is cheating himself . Self claimed bishop with a lot of body guards to save guard his life. Shame. Last week was in meanwood ndeke with so man body guards . Please don`t play with word of God Imakando.

  4. After making billions from the same church and acquiring enough assets which can sustain your comfortable lifestyle for generations who can even want a meagre salary. If you were truly serious you could have given back all your wealth and properties to the church.

  5. Musanje there is no jealous here. People have eye to see. Continue to be a guard and him making millions of kwacha per sunday. It is eaier for a cmel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.


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