Bowman Lusambo your bitterness will not take you any where. Please take a chill pill, you claim that you are not a small boy but one must understand that you are not on the same level as the head of state .I watched you cry like a baby on an interview stating that you are not in parliament because of HH.

Please learn to articulate matters properly, you are not in parliament because your seat was nullified by the courts and also the actions of the ACC and security wing in regards to conducting a search at your house has nothing to do with the President. If you are found wanting am sure that big mouth of yours can defend you in court.

Let me remind you about your violent character on the 4th August 2016 in the Kabushi you sent PF thugs and attacked the residents who wanted to attend a rally addressed by GBM at Lubuto grounds who was then Vice President of UPND. This is how far your violence steams back from.

During the 12th August 2021 you unleashed a PF militia to attack people and any one not supporting your candidature and PF party. Lusambo you associated yourself with a militia group known as ‘the Nato Forces’, which was attacking the electorates.Evidence was provided in court and that is how your seat was nullified .In one video your seen together with that group attacking people.

Let me remind you that this is not era of the PF nonsense you thrived in, we have a new government and President in place your silly tantrums are falling on deaf ears.

You reap what your sow, have some decency and I conclude with my famous line “SHUT IT.

Aka Sumbwa


  1. There are many who would like to settle a score with this knock kneed giraffe. Throw him to the wolves (we the Zambians) and we l sort him out good and proper


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