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…as he says we are shocked, but certainly not surprised because their party was captured way before they “formed” government and we said it

By Watch Reporter

ZAMBIANS must brace themselves for much more difficult times under the UPND government, United Progressive People’s Party president Saviour Chishimba has warned.

Chishimba wonders why things seem to be going in the reverse gear instead of going forward.

He said this when commenting on the Bank of Zambia (BOZ) newly announced increased Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) which stands at 9 percent from 8.5.

Chishimba says there is no way investments can grow and create jobs for the people, where the Bank of Zambia takes such decisions without looking at the economic fundamentals at present.

He says with the Bank of Zambia increasing the MPR for whaterver reason, its clear that doing business in the country is costly.

“Why are we still going in reverse instead of going forward? It’s like the dununa reverse gear has been fixed by the fixing team for a faster reverse. The monetary policy rate in Botswana and South Africa is 3.75% and interests are far lower than ours. Why should ours be 3 times higher? There is no way investments can grow with more jobs when you increase the cost of money. Could it be that the witchcraft degree has been implemented and these people are under a spell?” wondered Chishimba.

Chishimba has warned Zambians to brace themselves for much more harder times under the New Dawn administration.

He says with what is currently happening, his party is not shocked with the UPND administration as the ruling party was captured long before they formed government.

“Prepare for even much harder times starting from 2022. We are shocked, but certainly not surprised because their party was captured way before they “formed” government and we said it,” said Chishimba.


  1. Don’t just yap misleading Zambians…at your level, are you not aware why fuel price is rising? Must Zambia alone not be affected because the new dawn has taken over? Gather facts why it’s necessary for the rise before authoring such…you the one still in reverse most Zambians are Forward and understands the rise…the New Dawn is trying!!

  2. Mr. Chishimba Saviour, what has overtaken your mind. many of us and the majority people of Zambia thought that you are wise still as before, but your negative statements gets even the little trust people had for you, through out the campaign period you went to hide and resurfaced after elections. Be an advisor than what you are. What is wrong with your name?


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