Prophet Shepherd Bushiri claims to have survived an assassination attempt on his life after failing to foresee the incidence. Prophet Bushiri says he only survived after being alerted of the attack by well-wishers.

Posting on his social media platforms, the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church leader claimed that assailants armed to the teeth pulled his car, only to be disappointed of what they found.

“I have just survived an attempted assassination where we were held at a gun point. More details will follow – and if possible, a video footage of how my car was surrounded by hit men will be released” said Bushiri who previously hit the headlines for performing what experts said were doctored miracle stunts.

He once claimed to levitate in the air and ‘managed’ to capture angels on camera in his church only for video experts to claim the images were photoshopped.

But in the post that he shared on Facebook this afternoon at exactly 12:25pm (GMT), Bushiri claims that despite being alerted, he left his driver to face the alleged assailants who were armed with guns.

“I was in a small unfamiliar car as I was alerted yesterday of the upcoming danger. I watched the whole scene including the guns being pointed at my driver”, claims Bushiri.

Last year, Bushiri claimed that Prophet Passion Java had hired gunmen to assassinate him. Java had prophesied that Bushiri would die last December. In retaliation, Bushiri called Java as a fake prophet.

Last February, Bushiri also claimed that his “wife [was] poisoned to within an inch of her life”.

While hinting at all alleged attempts on his life as connected, Bushiri did not single out Java as being behind the foiled assassination attempt.

Major 1, as the Malawian born prophet is widely known, also lambasted the South African police for failing to come to his aid.

“For some time now – as well as yesterday after receiving the alert – I have been alerting the authorities and high officials of the threats I’ve been receiving. However, as it has been for the past three years, their negligence leaves so much to be desired. Pray for us, we are facing alot of battles in this country but one day, the world will hear the side of our story.” ranted Bushiri who is renowned for hiring heavily armed security.

A section of the general public has been mocking him as to why a man who prides at foreseeing the future and claims to be under God’s protection still requires bodyguards.


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