BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: The Lubumbashi Market Is Gone

A year ago, I had a chat with a colleague over the business opportunities that lies across. I strongly advised over the paradigm shift and the pending shift in business trends.

Everyone one wants to grow Chickens and take them to Kasumbalesa 😢, without a proper assessment of the environment.

Many plan to go in business with Kasumbalesa in mind as their market. Their assessments are based on fancy stories and wrong projections. I have seen too many casualties and more line up year in, year out.

Guess what, Lubumbashi now has two big Cement plants; with this stability, fear is dropping and more will find it lucrative to set up plants there as opposed to setting up plants on the copperbelt with focus on Congo.

A long time friend and customer in Lubumbashi just confirmed purchase of a a chicken processing plant with capacity to slaughter 40,000 birds in a day. This is a man who plans to build his own hydro electric supply.

Lubumbashi is waking up, very soon that market will be no more. By the way, shoprite has opened an out in Lubumbashi. Next will be in Likasi. Average price for chickens in Zambia is $2.7/Kg while in Lubumbashi Shoprite it’s selling at $8.40/Kg.

It’s an issue of don’t follow the cat, attract the cat🤷

Credit: IK


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