Cash-strapped Zambian Opposition Political Party Has Turned To Chicken Rearing To Raise Mobilisation Money


Opposition chickens on sale

A CASH-STRAPPED Zambian opposition political party, whose leader could not contest the 2021 due to lack of funds, has turned to chicken rearing to raise mobilisation money.

The Golden Party Zambia (GPZ) announced on its Facebook page on Friday that 300 chickens from its poultry had gone on sale.

Party president Jackson Silavwe said “kindly buy to support the party raise finances for its activities @80”.

Silavwe said a party member living abroad had already bought 60 of the 300 birds and requested that they be donated to an orphanage.

In the 2021 general election, while the “loaded” Socialist Party could afford to pay nomination fees for its candidates, Silavwe pulled out of the race, after failing to raise the hefty K100,000 presidential nomination fee.

To raise enough for mobilisation, campaigns and nominations, GPZ may also want go consider including goats and soya chunks on its list of items to sale.

18 presidential candidates contested that election with defeated Edgar Lungu and President Hakainde Hichilema being the only real contenders.

Kalemba May 28, 2023


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