Cavendish student ‘steals’ child, exchanges him with drugs


Cavendish student ‘steals’ child, exchanges him with drugs

THE state has established a strong case against a female Cavendish University student who is said to have stolen a six-year old boy from Lusaka’s Kabwata area and went and exchanged him with balls of Marijuana in Chibolya Compound.

The 22-year old identified as Habiba Tembo will now have to prove the allegations wrong as the Lusaka Magistrates Court found her with case to answer yesterday.

She is charged with child stealing.

Allegations are that Habiba had visited the child’s home in Kabwata uninvited and knocked on the gate.

According to court records, on the afternoon of November 28, Habiba went and knocked violently on the gate at the residence of child.

With his mother Nasilele Sitwala taking an afternoon nap, the curious child rushed to the gate to see who was knocking.

It is reported that the victim whose mother was having a nap when Tembo popped around, decided to check on who was disturbing their peaceful afternoon with loud bangs on the gate.

Upon opening the gate, Habiba immediately pulled the boy out and started to walk with him in the direction of the drug infested compound of Chibolya.

After walking for a short while, Habiba booked a Yango and made way to one of Chibolya’s drug lords where she allegedly swapped him with a bolus of drugs.

The child was allegedly confined in a home which was baking hot, together with other children and starved for three days.

After being restricted to a flaming-stink room, the children were taken out for fresh air but luck seemed to have been on the boy’s side as he was rescued by a passerby who had seen him on a missing person notice.

The child was again snatched from its hostage takers without their knowledge and was rushed to a nearby police station by the passerby who reported the incident.

It is said that the child gave the police officers his mother’s mobile number which he had mastered and the police contacted her to go and fetch him.

Tembo was found with a case to answer after the six-year-old boy gave his testimony in line with Section 78(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code CPC after magistrate Constance Kasankala established that he was intelligent enough to give evidence.

Ruling on the case to answer magistrate Kasankala said the State had discharged its obligation in proving the essential elements of child stealing.

“I hereby find the accused with a case to answer and place her on defence,”said magistrate Kasankala.

Tembo indicated that she will give sworn evidence.

Magistrate Kasankala adjourned the case to January 3, 2024 for opening of defence.

By Mwaka Ndawa



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