Brebner Changala
Brebner Changala

…chaos that awaits us will be worse than war – Changala

By Ernest Chanda

GOOD governance activist Brebner Changala has urge the new dawn administration to honour the youth who took them into government.
Commenting on the high turnout by the youth on Wednesday for census recruitment aptitude tests in Lusaka and other parts of the country, Changala said the multitude revealed how much the new dawn government has neglected the youth.

“The census which began today (Wednesday) has exposed and revealed one dynamic essence of what has transpired in the last 11 months which has been building up over the years. The chaos that has been exposed and revealed by the recruitment of census enumerators. I was in Lusaka. The turnout was so overwhelming such that they had to change the venue [from Lusaka Trades School] to Heroes Stadium,” he noted. “I am now in Kafue. The entire Kafue is paralysed. The youth and young generation has assembled at the NCZ Club looking for a temporary job of enumerators. And this, other than looking for employment, is sending a serious signal that as a government and as a people of Zambia we are sitting on a time bomb. The signal that has been shown on two occasions: 12th August [2021] and today the 3rd August [shows that] August is a revealing month to the new dawn. And the new dawn must accept and honour the young generation. It’s their time, it’s not our time. Anybody above 50 it’s not their time. Please accommodate the youth and peace shall return to our land.”
Changala reminded the new dawn administration that they came to power through the youth vote.

He however, noted that the youth have suffered under the current administration, hence the scramble for temporary jobs such as census enumerators.

“The new dawn administration came to power courtesy of the youth. Courtesy of the vibrancy, tenacity and commitment of the youth to liberate themselves. But the youth in this administration have suffered imaginable dislocation from the very administration that they elected,” Changala said. “It’s high time the new dawn administration clearly spelt out the agenda for the youth – how they will participate in our governance system. And most importantly, the agenda on job creation to absorb the massive human resource. Not only massive human resource but massive energetic human resource that is day-in and day-out lying unrecognised. And yet they formed government. It is their government.”

Changala outlined several programmes that the government should implement to absorb the youth.
He warned that if the youth are not taken care of they will rise and cause chaos in the nation.
“One way or the other we need to start national service. We need to develop capacity in industry. We need to energise our meagre resources to benefit the generation that, although not in charge, is indirectly in charge. The day they’ll rise and say enough is enough it will be a recipe not only for anarchy but for total chaos,” Changala said. “I urge the new dawn administration to take these signs that are coming out clearly. Not a rumour but signs coming out clearly that the youth is desperate to take its position. And this is the more reason the Cabinet of Mr Hakainde should have at least been half the youth, those below 35. The permanent secretaries of the new dawn administration at least half should have been those below the age of 35. The boards that have been littered all over and full of those that are considered loyal to the UPND should have been littered with a generation that is at the moment calling the shots. Creating boards full of retired men and women, especially recycled politicians, recycled permanent secretaries, recycled directors just because they supported you one way or the other will not ameliorate the impending catastrophe. The chaos that awaits us will be worse than the war in Ukraine.”

He said the youth are a resource that the African continent needs so much, hence the need to utilise it effectively.
“Africa is shot of food security and yet we have the human resource that can be energised and inspired to work on the land, to work in our industries, to work in our education sector, health sector; and most importantly to contribute to the development of this country,” said Changala.


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