Steve Nyirenda

Charles Maboshe has been appointed president of the opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) to replace Mr Steve Nyirenda who was fired yesterday.

However, Mr Nyirenda said at a briefing yesterday afternoon that he is still NAREP leader and that there was only a small misunderstanding in the party.

“This is to inform the nation that I have accepted my appointment as President of the National Restoration Party following the NEC resolution to expell Mr Steve Nyirenda who ceased to be our party President yesterday 15th August, 2020,” Mr Maboshe has stated.

“Take this as official notification and feel free to contact my office and that of the party Spokes Person Mr Frank Sichone or that of our Secretary General Mr Ezra Ngulube for any information you may need. Be reminded that no one is allowed to masquerade as speaking on behalf of Narep as this is the only legitimate NAREP that I will be leading.”


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