Chilufya Tayali Faces 5 Years In Jail For Assaulting Police Officer

Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

Chilufya Tayali Faces 5 Years In Jail For Assaulting Police Officer

Economic and Equity Party president Chilufya Tayali could be jailed for up to five years for allegedly assaulting a police officer.

Tayali was arrested yesterday and charged with assault.

This is contrary to section 250(b) of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia after assaulting a police officer.

According to a statement by Zambia Police Service Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, the incident occurred on Saturday 1st October, 2022 around 08:00 hours at Chilenje Police Station.

Mr. Hamoonga has disclosed that Tayali’s wife took some food to the suspect and a female police officer requested her to taste the food as per procedure when someone takes food to a suspect in custody.

It is alleged that Tayali got annoyed that the officer could suspect his wife of poisoning him and threw the food on the floor.

It is further alleged that Tayali got a kettle and hit the female officer on the face who sustained a swollen and painful face.
Mr. Tayali has been in police custody since he was picked up from Livingstone earlier in the week for an earlier offence.


  1. It’s time the chap is caged….let him feel the implication of what he did. So that the financiers can know that there is a government.

  2. Too much of daring the law, you can’t be living such a life, even if you are so good at it but one day Sokwe kaamuleya katabi. No matter how good the monkey is in the trees and leaps anyhow from branch to branch but one day it missed the branches and fell badly to the ground. So is Chilufya Tayali in this case. See you after 5 years Bwana…, but all for what?

  3. 1-How many police officers have gone to jail for assaulting members of public? I once saw in circulation a police woman beating a driver. And a policeman beating a woman .
    Should we dig up these matters and prosecute?
    2-Do you detect poison by eating someone’s food? Does this policewoman know what poison tastes like? She was just hungry.

    Tayali had every right to get angry.

    • Ignorance will kill you. It is standard procedure that any food from outside prison brought in by relatives or friends, the deliverer should taste it; it’s not the Police Officer that tastes the food. Chilufya has been dating the law so that he can be jailed, to run away from the responsibility of looking after his family. He has no means other than PF hand outs for rubbishing anything the new dawn govt dies to build this country’s economy. But his rantings are not yielding any fruit as the new dawn govt has scored in many areas much to his disappointment and that of his sponsors.He said:-
      1. The IMF loan bail out will not materialise, it did.
      2. They will not employ the 30,000 teachers, well they did cutting across the country.
      3.The employed teachers will not be put on payroll, they are.
      4. That free education from primary to secondary would not happen, it has happened.
      Everything that Tayali was paid to sabotage by saying will not happen, has come to pass. What has not happened is caging the thieves that were in leadership. PF cadets who benefitted from extorting money from ordinary citizens and acquired massive properties are still enjoying the benefits of that stealing and even paying the Tayalis and Sean Tembos. That is what is annoying

  4. The police should take that food to one of the laboratories and test it for possible poison. Why did Chilufya Tayali throw the food to the floor after the police officer asked his wife to test it? Could it be possible that Tayali knew something about the food so that if he ate it he could become sick and police/government be blamed? If he just assaulted the officer may be people would think he was just annoyed but going to an extent of even throwing the food to ground raises other questions. This is a case of bravery without brains.

    • This is one of the problems of giving too much freedoms to ignorant people like Tayali and Sean Tombwe!
      They think insulting and people is part of Democracy and can get away with it! These are people who are more of a danger to themselves than to the public. So put Tayali away for at least 5 years to him from himself. Don’t worry about his Ethiopian girlfriend; Mundubile akamupyala and assist with all duties when Tayali will be serving jail.
      Think of it, 5 years for assaulting an officer on duty is too light a sentence. The law must be changed as this crime attracts 28 years in most of the Commonwealth countries.

  5. Bravo Mwananyanda you have thought very logically on the behaviour of Tayali. True the food needed to be tested. Tayali wanted a reason to say the new Dawn government wanted to poison him or just an excuse to get out of the cells for whatever he is being detained for.

  6. This is a very unfortunate event. The young man needs serious counseling. It is not right to take things so personal to a point that you position yourself as a physical fighter at all costs.

    Politics is a game of Witt’s. When did you ever hear that experienced politicians from the old first republican party like VJ were summoned and thrown into jail day in and day out just to make themselves heard.

    These very strategic thinkers acted quietly and influenced massive changes in our political dispensation without inconveniencing themseves and their families where they could. Their contributions may not be widely broadcasted every where while secretly their actions have helped to save our country from some catastrophic situations.

    It’s not always that a person needs to be visible to be appreciated. Dependable people just carry with them the respect and command the rightly deserve without demanding or reminding people of what they are capable of doing.

    There is no need to be a hero and sacrificing ones peace to just appease others. Rather one can actually die for a conviction which in itself has the key to liberate the person from a tight spot or inspire them in making a resolution of facing death knowing that their just cause has been preserved and attained. What justification is there in not keeping one’s temper under control. Assaulting a police woman is unethical and is a display of violence. It’s unacceptable behavior especially coming from some one saying he is a potential candidate for the office of the President.

    The problem here is that the young man’s posture has not been anything about of conviction or ideology. He just hates the Head of State.

    This is something on record even before elections. He lied about serious issues about the President who was then in opposition and he was found guilty of those false accusations . The courts ordered that he pays a guilty fine for the same or to face a jail sentence.

    As usual he did not have the money to pay for this court decision and was only saved from certain jail time only by the mercy of the same person he still claims is bad( HH) who unconditionally pardoned him. It’s a paradox too complicated to understand. why he still holds a grudge , no body knows. It is like a curse. It’s better to leave it there.

    This is unfortunate because he can not Continue to fight the Head of State with arrogance and unethical methods and expect to win. We only have one President at a time. This attitude of refusing to recognise this fact does not make his perceived enemy less in control of his Executive functions. Actually the young man’s quick acknowledgenent of this fact will help him put the right priorities on choosing his battles.

    This self destructive attitude of arrogance and unwise behaviour to fight the Head of State will cost a lot more than one will bargin for. Don’t be cheated by those who are safe in their homes while they cheer you on.

    The only one who gets injured every time is the one who is lesser. Especially, when they trade against the tide and against the law. Why is it that others pushing you don’t also show their courage and arrogance as you exhibit? Let me help to tell you the reason. They don’t want to inflict unnecessary pain and drama on their lives and families for things that are likely to have them arrested for going contrary against the law.

    This assault case is in itself is evidence that the young man is crumbling emotionally and unable to contain his thinking mind. It’s time for those pushing him to make unwise unnecessary noises to back off and allow this young man to come back to his senses and make decisions that favour his family and his life.
    This episode of hurting a police officer who is a woman is beyond believe and a sign that he is mentally unable to cope with the mounting cases against him which by they way he seems to cause using his bad decisions and choices.

    The only cure to this self inflicted incasarations is to embark on civil politics which are not driven by arrogance or hatred. You can not win when you are you are always breaking the law to be heard. It is not wise.

    I don’t think temporal insanity will be used here as a defence. Only a willingness of the police woman injured to settle the case out of court can save you this time. But yet again it a long shot. You are in a tight spot on this one. And I can not help but still tell you we told you so. Be a man and take responsibility this mess. The word “Sorry” may be your only life line. We patiently await the out come of the matter.

  7. Lock this idiot for assaulting a police officer, when I was in the police force there was a lot of respect for us.
    Soon Sean tembo will join them and they can all be with Mumbai phiri
    Bunch of baboons.


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