If you reach into your pocket and take out 30 pieces of silver and you offer it to him in exchange for attacking someone…Tayali will take it without question and he will do your bidding. Such a person is not a principled idealist or a Patriotic Zambian.

People like him are hired guns. Shameless crooks that parade as political figures but upon close examination, you learn very quickly that he is a one-man-party- parasite that feeds on the blood of slander, division and innuendo.

As insignificant as he is, Tayali can actually spark a TRIBAL WAR in this county. A match has a tiny flame, but if you throw it in a field of dry grass…BOOM💥

Tayali pretends to be well connected. He’s not. He simply gets information from disgruntled members of society and he touts them as his own twisted form of checks and balances.

A man that has multiple cases in court on issues ranging from Rape to Defamation is not someone that has clean hands.

This morning he said “If PF loses, my citizenship in this country would be in jeopardy” [ He actually mispronounced that word ” jeopardy” because he’s so dense ]

Who the heck told him that Zambia cares about him as an individual? Zambia has about 18 million people…I can assure him, none of us stay awake at night worrying about his citizenship or his standing after 2021.

If regime change occurs, it will be because the people of Zambia have decided…it won’t be because Tayali’s citizenship will be in jeopardy. Nonsense!!

Tayali’s self importance has given him a false sense of invincibility. He doesn’t realise that the same people he mingles with actually DON’T trust him because he would turn around and sell them to the highest bidder.

Your time is coming…and it will do so swiftly and promptly.




  1. I also feel Tayali is a mop for two reasons:
    i) Tayali knows that the biggest wron-doer is ECL who amassed questionable amount of money bit doesn’t investigate the source of this wealth. He choses to go after the little ministers and HH. He profits from ECL so he’s unclean.
    ii) Tayali says that if the wrong-doers show remorse he will let them be. Is Tayali the law of Zambia. Tayali thinks that he’s some little bully in a play ground. Stop it Tayali.
    The chap is a mop.

  2. Tayali’s aproach to bringing some accountability in public offices is skewed and based on self aggrandisation. He wants to profit from it, which is also as bad as the ‘others’ he claims are corrupt. Tayali wants to use this weapon to get attention from the wrongdoers which makes him a wrongdoer as well. He selectivity chooses targets to instill fear in other wrongdoers to get their attention. No doubt that he speaks to ECL and any of those in high places, who might also be wrongdoers. But he’s in their circles to feed off them by playing bully. He bullied RB before, who called him an evil spirit, which he is. Tayali’s scheme is toxic, But he knows that it works and gets him the attention that he craves. He needs to be brused aside.

  3. Who feeds Tayali? If the chap feeds himself, what job does he do? The chap is a sham and a waste of flesh by God. Bullying is something done in a school playground. But when bullying is taken up as a way of survival, it becomes toxic. CK might have been wrong but this selective bullying of him remains unacceptable. CK was an arrogant Minister but so is Bowman, who claims K2m is shopping money for a day and gives out money. The we have ECL with unquestionably accumulation of wealth, Chitotela, Chilufya, Dora. Tayali go on police them, private investigate them and get them convinced. Otherwise get the CK conviction campaign going to deter others from stealing, otherwise you are a twat and I am coming to get you, family man.

  4. Ba Mwewa Lane
    Thank you very much for putting this idiot in place where he belongs.
    His living depend on feasting on lies, to feed his stomach. He is a failure in life. no wonder, the wife left him. Likuluku sana. Everything has time and Tayali’s time has expired, he is inviting something bad to happen to himself.

  5. I am getting information that 12 Ethiopians have been nabbed for illegally transgressing through Zambia, somewhere in Nyimba on their way to South Africa. Are these not Tayali’s in-laws? Tayali jas to be arrested to reunite with CK to settle the scores.

  6. Well it’s gratifying to have a right thinking citizen aptly define Tayali! That he’s got running never concluding cases can only be interpreted as being abetted by the invisible backers of his conspiracy theories who are happy to fund his distraction strategy as a useful fimo fimo! Tayali is as good as a snake, one does not have to be sympathetic with a snake no matter the situation which one has encounter with it! Instinct to kill the snake must prevail!

  7. Tayali is a poisonous serpent justifying his deeds. He’s on Lungu’s payroll. Hell die like Chanda Chimba unless he gets all tge wrong-doers convicted. Yes CK might have been wrong and arrogant in his heydays but this is just part of the story. And yes privatisations might have injured a lot of people but what about the fire tenders, the ambulances, the 48 houses and the current corruption. Tayali stop being cheap.


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