China ´blesses´ 6 African Countries with zero import tariffs


China ´blesses´ 6 African Countries with zero import tariffs

Amb. Anthony Mukwita wrote:


With so much happening in our country Zambia starting from the ever-shrinking power of the Kwacha to the US $ at about 24 -1US$, it becomes a bit hard to catch up with geopolitical news affecting Zambia directly.

But amid the fast-moving Zambian political media storm, I found this story out of China interesting as it leaves lots of questions on our standing with the mighty dragon, whose favour we ostensibly were showered with in the past.

It turns out that China will accord six African countries “zero tariff treatment” on imports it requires, none of the six are Zambia. Look and analyse to make our country grow:

BEIJING, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) — China will provide zero-tariff treatment for six least-developed African countries, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council said on Wednesday.

Starting from Dec. 25, 98 percent of taxable products from Angola, The Gambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, Mali and Mauritania will be exempt from tariffs when entering China, the commission revealed in a statement.
The move aims to embody the spirit of China-Africa friendship and cooperation and facilitate a high-quality China-Africa community with a shared future, the commission said.

In the next step, China will expand its zero-tariff treatment to all the least-developed countries with which it has established diplomatic relations, according to the commission.


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