Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Du Xiaohui

CHINA has reiterated it’s commitment to ensuring that Zambia undergoes a smooth debt restructuring process.

Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Du Xiaohui said with joint efforts, Zambia will achieve the debt restructuring program.

Mr Xiaohui said China and Zambia are friends who have a bilateral agreement to help foster development.

Mr Xiaohui during a round table meeting at the Mulungushi conference center today said that friendship is important and that is why China , through it’s bilateral corporation with Zambia is helping undertake the debt restructuring.

“Your concern, is our concern. That is what we call brotherhood. For the debt issue, we did not want to go through it using the G20 frame work channel, because we think bilateral cooperation is best, but our friends Zambia wanted to do it within the G20 frame work and so as China we agreed with the request,” he said.

He said that the talks on debt restructuring have taken a positive turn,because with only two meetings, a very important consensus has been achieved.

Mr Xiaohui said China was in talks with Zambia over a number of projects which were part of debt restructuring and that was why China, as co-chair in the debt restructuring process was committed to ensuring that Zambia met it’s target of development.

He also stated that China was an important cooperating partner for Zambia for markets such as mining which would see to Zambia going forward in terms of development.

“With joint efforts , we can attain development. We want development for Zambia and for it to have a normal restart. Issues of development should not have a negative effect and so we are committed to the corporation that we have,” he said.


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