By Samuel Khwawe

A lady who was allegedly raped in Chipata City golf course has given Diamond News an exclusive interview from her hideout where she has been for the last one week following the dreadful incident.

The 23 year old lady who we will name as Mary for security reasons has described her ordeal as dreadful and a traumatic experience.

She says what is worse for her is the manner in which the public reacted to her call for help.

Mary has dispelled the Police statement on the incident which indicated that she went on a drinking spree with the alleged rapist and that she had agreed to have sex with him in the golf course.

She recounts that on the fateful day she was coming from a drinking spree heading home through Chipata Golf course when a man coming behind her called her and later ran after her.

Mary says the man caught up with her and pulled her to the nearby bush and she screamed for help and a man responded, but the suspected rapist claimed that he had paid her a lot of money hence he wanted to have sex.

She says the member of the public quickly called other men and to her surprise they started aiding the perpetrator to force himself on her to fulfil his intentions.

Mary says at that point other men held her hands and legs while women were cheering.
She says it was after the whole ordeal that some two women came to her help by giving her a Chitenge material and transport money to go home.

When asked why she did not report the matter to the police, Mary says her mind was confused and she felt judged by society and therefore thought the police would not treat her any different.- Diamond TV


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