Bowman Lusambo has charged that MacDonald Chipenzi is a UPND stooge.

In an interview, Lusambo, who is former Lusaka Province minister, charged that Zambians should be very watchful as President Hakainde Hichilema works towards rewarding party sympathisers with positions even in institutions that are clearly supposed to be apolitical.

He said that the appointment of MacDonald Chipenzi as Commissioner at the Electoral Commission of Zambia is testament that the current Head of State wants to appoint his party members to key institutions of governance, which he said is aimed at perpetuating Hakainde Hichilema’s stay in power.

“The appointment of MacDonald Chipenzi as Commissioner at the Electoral Commission of Zambia is not amazing to us. If you remember MacDonald Chipenzi had applied to contest for a Parliamentary seat in 2016 in Siavonga on the UPND ticket,” Lusambo explained. “So he is not a UPND sympathiser, but member of that political party called the UPND. For those of us that know Chipenzi he was, and…


  1. And what is wrong with that. People who worked in important positions of influence in PF regime were all die hard PF cadres. Do you want him to appoint your pf cadres. Even the few who were retained by HH are working hard to sabotage his government.

  2. Mcdonald Chipenzi has contributed to the promotion of human right and is more useful to the dispensation of democracy than you Bowman Lusambo. Chipenzi is more qualified and well-formed than you kawayaya who talks about things you do not know. We wondered that time you were appointed as Provincial Minister it was insult to the integrity of this country.

    Lusambo you can continue yelping and hallucinating.

  3. Lusambo, we are still waiting for your petition of your kabushi and polopela’s kwacha seats. And your pf’s mwamba and bakaladi declared that your pf will contest the seats. Now include in your petition that Essau Chulu and Shindano were ok at ECZ to announce more votes in Lundazi than the registered voters, and also results of a fictitious constituency and that is why Chipenzi should not be ratified in parliament ok? Idiot!!!!!!

  4. The problem with PF is that they believe that them only and their members should hold Government positions. Lusambo is ECL stooge and diehard and was a Minister. What is wrong by giving MacDonald Chipenzi a small job at ECZ.

  5. At he is a known stooge who is well versed in electoral law but in the past we had stooges who could invent constituencies that don’t exist and no one spoke against him.

  6. Who is more pf stooge than you? Are you not a self confessed boot licker for Lungu? At one time you even blasphemed and said, Jesus’ disciples were also boot lickers. Leave Mr. Chipenzi alone, he is a Zambian and has the right to any appointment so long he qualifies.

  7. Iwe lusambo, Esaw Chulu gave us chitulika constituency, which doesn’t exist and you were quite and today you want to fool our collective intelligence


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