By Michael Kaluba

The growing number of foreign traders at Chisokone Market has prompted some people to start organizing and inciting marketeers to protest against an alleged reluctance by government to deal with the matter.

Kitwe District Commissioner Lawrence Mwanza has disclosed that his office is aware that some unknown people are inciting marketeers at chisokone market to protest against the number of alleged illegal foreign traders at the trading facility.

Mr. Mwanza has however cautioned such individuals inciting traders at chisokone market against this move saying his officers are investigating to ascertain who they are while also working at addressing the matter in an amicable way especially that the foreign traders in question are from neighboring countries.

He explains that Zambian traders are the ones renting out their trading spaces to foreigners, opting to trade on streets and further that, government will soon ensure that only those non-Zambians with legal documentation including passports are allowed at the trading facility.

And Association of Vendors and Marketeers of Zambia-AVEMA- President Abel Chikwa whose association acknowledges the growing problem of undocumented foreign traders at the market that has left numerous Zambian traders angry, has however advised those planning to protest to instead engage government in dialogue.

Some marketeers and other sources close to the planned demonstration disclosed to phoenix news earlier that the number of illegal individuals from other countries conducting business at Chisokone market is alarming and that unless the immigration department conducts a sweep at the trading facility soon, they will hold a protest to have them removed.


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