Chizu reminds Tasila of what others went through when her father was President

By Oliver Chisenga

MY sister Tasila Lungu’s tears have reminded me of my tears at the time my only source of income, Prime TV, was closed under her father’s rule, says Njenje Chizu.

On Tuesday morning, Tasila addressed journalists at her father Edgar Lungu’s reside in Ibex Hill, Lusaka, whe she complained that her family has received constant accusations that they stoke when her father was President.

Tasila, who broke down, pleaded that they be taken to court so that they find justice.

Commenting on Tasila’s lamentation, Chizu, who is Vice-President Mutale Nalumang’s press aide said
life was full of many lessons.

“I wrote with emotions. When God sends you high, treat others with equal importance. The media was targeted without considering that we had families to feed and take care of,” he said.

Chizu recalled that when The Post was closed under Lungu’s administration, journalists remained practicing and they are the same reporters who are now running tabloids which my “dear sister” is accusing of being unfair today.

He however said he has forgiven the Lungu family for what they made him go through the time the PF maliciously closed Prime Television and rendered he and other employees jobless.

“I have personally forgiven the family for what they made my family go through and I pray that others forgive them too, but we are different as a people,” said Chizu. “God bless you, Tasila, and God bless your family but above all God bless Zambia and it’s leadership”


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