By George Lemba
The Church has demanded that PF’s propaganda tool in this case ZNBC must apologise for reporting lies that the church had started supporting the evil PF Bill 10.

Reformed Church of Zambia says ZNBC is fond of spreading fake news with the latest being about the evil Bill 10.

The church has since demanded that ZNBC apologises for lying that RCZ had backed the dead Bill 10.

And the church says it maintains its earlier position of not supporting the evil PF Bill 10.
Typical of PF’s fake news propaganda tool, ZNBC, it reported lies that the church had now started supporting the evil stinking Bill 10.


  1. Yes if it were other media, the so called IBA would closed the TV or Radio station. Now it is PF ZNBC will it apologies to the Nation and the Charge at large?
    We want to hear Dora Silia clossing the ZNBC


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